Technological Aids for Weight Management (for Patients)

A wide range of technological devices that support healthy diet or physical activity are available and new ones are being created rapidly. These devices may help you make lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss.

The immediate feedback they provide on successful improvements you make in your daily food and exercise choices can give you a well-deserved boost while trying to lose weight. They can help you make corrections when you deviate from your weight loss plan without realizing it.

The potential of such devices is just beginning to be explored, but some research supports their effectiveness in supporting weight loss (Lyzwinski, 2014).


  • These devices do not provide medical data and are not a substitute for working with your healthcare professional
  • Some of these devices have size or weight limitations, so be sure to compare their specifications to your weight or measurements
This guide will advise you on the following:
  • The benefits of using technology during weight loss
  • Why weight loss tools and devices are effective
  • Activity tracking devices
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Electronic food diaries
  • Digital scales
Written by Clinical Tools, Inc.
Original publication date July 10, 2014.
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