Activity Features: The CTI Learning Ecosystem

Our Impact Obesity activity provides the latest information, research, and resources on adult obesity and practical ways physicians can help manage it. This information is presented using Clinical Tool's Learning Ecosystem, a set of interactive and case-based learning elements designed to engage and excite the reader with interactive features throughout the modules. Below is a quick overview of a few elements the learner will encounter while taking this activity.

Patient Cases

Each module will introduce the learner to various patient case examples. Complete with medical histories, weight histories, and other general information, these case scenarios help illustrate the module's learning objectives by applying the concepts in a simulated, interactive experience.

Patient/Provider Dialogue

Examples of dialogues between a Provider and a Patient appear throughout each case and help to illustrate common scenarios and potential pitfalls that healthcare providers may encounter while speaking with their patients regarding weight management.

Case Objectives and Section Topics

For each patient case, we highlight the learning objectives a learner will achieve by going through the case. Some of the more complex modules and cases also are subdivided by sections.

Related Resources

Throughout the modules, we provide linked resources that offer supplementary materials and easy-to-use tools that providers may give to their patients and use in their practices. A list of each module's resources is provided at the end of each respective module.

Protocol Steps

Protocol icons found throughout this activity mark clinical protocol steps for patient weight management. A list of protocol steps relevant to each module is provided at each module's end. A complete list of all 43 protocol steps in the activity are provided at the end of the Introductory module.

Evidence-Based Guidelines

Best-practice guidelines and research evidence are provided throughout the training. These boxes provide the most recent obesity related research and evidence-based guidelines to improve your practice.

The Clinical Tools Learning Ecosystem allows learners to interact with the module content through a variety of quiz styles in order to reinforce important information. Poll and Short Answer questions allow learners to compare their answers to other respondents.


Quiz questions appear throughout the module to challenge the learner's knowledge regarding the module's objectives. There are several varieties of quiz questions, each with their own feedback, to help initiate critical thinking about the content.

Multiple choice

Short answer




Poll questions are asked throughout the modules, eliciting thoughts and opinions from the learners, and providing the opportunity to see how others who have taken the module have responded.


Practice Tips

Practice Tips appear throughout the module with information that can be used to further improve the quality of the learner's weight management practice.

Caution Tips

Caution Tips alert learners regarding common problems deserving particular attention.

Did You Know?

Did You Know Tips highlight important or interesting information to supplement the presented material.

Think Ahead

Think Ahead Tips challenge learners to think critically about the future ramifications of a particular decision.

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