Building Confidence

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Patients do not have to be 100% motivated or confident in their ability to change in order for change to occur. Just talking about it can help patients find motivation, gain confidence, and be more receptive to a recommendation for intensive treatment.

Describe or elicit from the patient things to build their confidence including:

  • Other health habits they have changed successfully
  • Your experience with watching patients who were successful in weight loss
  • Your confidence that evidence-based models are effective when followed

Example of Noting Patient Strengths

After Mr. Murphy has become aware of his weight, the provider suggests a potential weight-loss plan:

I'm not so sure I could do that dieting. I've seen friends try to and it's rough!

I know you have some inner strength you can draw on, because you successfully quit smoking 5 years ago, and that isn't easy. [Paraphrasing & recognizing the patient's strengths]

[nods] I guess you're right.