Weight Loss Programs & Counseling for Weight Management (for Patients)

Effectiveness of Weight Loss Programs or Counseling

Receiving regular support of weight loss, from a weight loss program or counseling, in addition to dieting and exercising, is more effective than doing it on your own (Jensen et al, 2013). Getting counseling about the benefits of healthy eating, weight loss, and physical activity increases the likelihood that you will take action toward these goals and be successful in losing weight and exercising (NIH et al., 2012; Kreuter et al, 2000).

Treatment guidelines recommend that people with obesity receive counseling or some other comprehensive weight loss intervention at least every other week for 6 months (Jensen et al, 2013). Face to face counseling is more effective than online counseling, but both are effective.

This guide will advise you on the following:

  • What happens in weight loss programs, counseling and similar supports
  • The importance of participating in a weight loss program or getting weight counseling or similar support on a regular basis
  • Tips for getting the most out of weight loss programs and counseling
  • Overcoming barriers to weight loss programs or counseling
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Publication Date: 2014
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